Membership Requirements

Section 1:
Any gentleman, 55 years of age or over, a resident of Colorado and a member of a Colorado golf club in good standing, which club is a member of the Colorado Golf Association and in possession of an active GHIN #, may be elected as a member of this Association.

Section 2:
Every candidate for membership must be proposed and seconded by another member of the Association. This application, when approved by the Membership Committee, shall be voted upon by the Board of Governors. A majority elects.

Section 3:
The initiation fee shall be $155. Dues shall be $115.00 a year for members between 55 and 79, and $40.00 a year for life members over 80, payable by October 31st.

Membership Classifications

Life – 80 Years and Over
Class A – 75 Years to 79 Years
Class B – 70 Years to 74 Years
Class C – 55 Years to 69 Years

Colorado Senior Golfers' Association