Colorado Senior Golfers' Association

CSGA History

The inspiration for the organization of the Association came from Mr. Charles C. Bagnall, a very good golfer, who realized that after one has passed the age of fifty-five, the zest for intensive competition has begun to wane. Golf has become a game of pleasure - no longer for glory. So he set out to see if there were others who felt the same way, and if something could be done about it.

To a group of men who had been identified with golf since its introduction in Denver, he suggested the formation of a senior golf organization. The idea was to limit membership to men who had reached the age of fifty-five years, so that tournaments could be held in which all contestants would be in the same age class, and bring together in a friendly competition all golfers of senior age, just for fun.


The first meeting was held on January 21, 1935, and resulted in the formation of The Colorado Senior Golfers' Association.

The following members attended this meeting: E.S. Kassler Sr., Raymond Sargeant, R.W. Gordon, H.F. Crocker, F.W. McCartney, L.B. Bromfield, W.B. Downs, W.O. Mussey, C.C. Bagnall and M.A. McLaughlin.

- M.A. McLaughlin
- (Secretary-Treasurer, 1935-37)

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